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Shrink Wrapping is the most efficient and cost effective method of seasonal protection available!
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About Shrink Wrapping


Why Shrink Wrap? The Answer's simple...
Shrink wrap is light and clean so it will not damage your items like tarps or canvas covers that are heavy, dirty and can chafe your equipment when covering, storing and transporting. And no matter how new or taut those inferior solutions are, they also collect water and other elements while our heavy duty shrink wrap does not!
Reduced storage and shipping damage that can occur from wind, snow, rain, sun damage, animals or pests, trees or dust, etc. Your item remains totally clean and dry like they were factory sealed all over again!
Size doesn't matter - Almost any size shape or item can be effectively protected at a reasonable cost-
Our custom weather/water tight vent solutions prevent moisture build up during long term storage while our access points (weather/water tight zippered hatches) are recommended options-
Economical alternative to expensive and limited inside storage area call 631-789-4679

We do Boats, R/Vs, Outdoor Storage Construction Equipment, Machinery, Tractors, Lumber, Motorcycles, Open Truck Shipping, Lawn Furniture, Hot Tubs, and more!

WE COME TO YOU...We'll cover it in your yard,at your house or business or anywhere else in parts of Nassau county and most of Suffolk county.

- Custom designed supports to deflect snow load

- Waterproof vents to help eliminate trapped moisture

Shrink Wrapping is the best way to keep your outdoor items clean and looking good all winter long.

Shrink Wrap is a water proof plastic covering that is applied with heat making a tight fitting cover that will not blow off or chafe thru like tarps or other ineffective plastic covers.

Much more economical than commercial indoor storage [usually for less than two months storage you'll be covered all winter.

Shrink wrap storage methods are versatile and affordable. Shrink plastics offers a weatherproof barrier, therefore, ventilation is installed to prevent mildew and unwanted odor. In addition, vapor corrosion inhibitors are used to prevent moisture from forming on metal and electrical circuits.

Shrink plastics contour to form an extremely durable, watertight seal protecting your boat from the negative impact of severe, unpredictable weather including rain, snow, sleet, sun and wind. Shrink wrapped products also deter theft while protecting against birds, insects and rodents. When weatherizing, storing, shipping shrink wrapping will protect your investment your investment.

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